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Recent Client - Females Pleasure. Their business is an online based adult toy store and the client wanted to encourage their customers to promote their brand for them. This helps Females Pleasure control their marketing and advertising fees while providing customers an incentive to actively promote their business. 4Tender decided that the best approach would be to set up a rewards scheme for referrers of business, and with some sort of urgency involved so customers would act immediately following a sale. The incentive involved giving away to customers award winning vibrators ( by luxury Swedish design company Lelo. But Females Pleasure wanted to give a good reason for customers to spread the word, so they decided to only gave away only their most premium vibrator selection which included items such as the Lelo Gigi and the Lelo Soraya which is the modern day version of the Rabbit vibrator.

After devising a number of creative strategies to implement this plan, we decided on an email campaign that established a deadline for the incentive, hence establishing some sense of urgency. Customers were given a choice of the above mentioned products in return for the customer promoting Females Pleasure to their friends. The condition of receiving the free incentive was that at least one of their referred friends had to make a purchase at the online store. This was all centralized with a free and easy to use customer management system which included a promotions module to keep track of referrals and sales. The resulting campaign saw Females Pleasures revenues increase by 15% which was a fantastic result.

Recent Client - Stretch Fitness. The task of having a leading fitness blog and website ranking well within a highly competitive niche was the primary task we were assigned by the site's owner. The new website needed to encapsulate a visually stunning design element that would provide a high user-orientated experience where the posts and featured products could be showcased with maximum impact as well as engaging the site's readers. Part of our challenge was to come up not only with a brand, with with a distinct brand identity where the logo and color scheme of Stretch Fitness would be recognised via any marketing or social media platform. This is currently a work in progress and we will be providing more details in due course.